Belladona Lindsay (naitomausu) wrote,
Belladona Lindsay

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thank bob this week is over

ok so i can't sleep...i think i've had maybe 5 hours total so far this week...that's quite sad...i passed my math testy, did better than i thought that i'd do, yay...tomorrow is the last day of school before spring break, and i'm very's going to be a busy day- i have to go to school, finish the yearbook(which means about 4 hours of work *sigh*), spanish test that could determine whether or not i keep an A in the class, then i have to return a light to ikea, buy Skylar's b-day present, and then i get to work from 3-9 at starbucks...hmmms, sounds like fun posture is getting realy bad, like i always slouch and hunch over...icky...i made brownies this afternoon, mmm they were very tastey, and i ate a whole bunch, this whole look good for prom thing isn't working, haha i give up already...i am what i am...i figure it's time to embrace that
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youve got a busy day ahead of you tommorow, at 9 you get a good break for the night though. Your gunna look awesome for prom, eat away at the brownies, just dont get sick
what did you think of that spanish test? i didnt think it was too bad, but we'll see what grade i get on it....
haha--i think i made the same deal with myself about looking good for prom, and then i made cookies last night...sad!
yup... sorry theres no hope
well, its nice to read your writing again. im back from California, and it was nice. Sorry I never called you back. You see, my mom blew up cuz she thought I had left the cell back in AZ like she asked. Instead i left it on the counter when I went to work out. So she now has the phone, and its futile of anyone to call me on it. Anyways, i hope to buy my own within the next few weeks, so I'll make sure to get it from you soon. Hope to hear your voice sometime in the near future. later Lindsay
So how'd the project going? I have SO MUCH STUPID WORK this break! Let me know if you need help with anything. If we can get the data done over break we'll be sitting pretty good and can start workin' on the crappy stuff.
hey, thanks for watchin the game with me last night. Hope you had a good time at your aunts birthday party last night. Oh, and have a great easter! We'll do lunch again soon.