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ready set...breathe

so this is the first and olny break i've had so far...

Monday- unexpected senior pics at 12:10, then i get a call from martina at work saying i have to cover her i drive home pick up my clothes, go babysit at 1:30, leave there at 6pm, get to work at 6:30pm and work until 10:15, get home try and do my calc homework (wtf i could barely even write down the problems...arg) read for ap gov, then bed at 1am...yay...

Tuesday- school stayed after to make the Ladder for the Yearbook, got through fall sports, picked up a computer...yay i have a new mac for a month or two...went to babysit at 1:30-6:15 then went to the gym from 6:45-7:45 then got gas and brought my sister dinner at her work, went home and got a phone call from Ikea...drove out to get my starter packet and found out i have to get a drug test tomorrow...yehaw...came home ate dinner and did my spanish homework

Wednesday Go get my drug test done way out by az mills, drive to ikea to drop it off then i get to go home eat lunch do some homework meet ash at the gym at 6:30, get home at 8ish dinner read for ap gov (if she gives one more stupid reading comp quiz i'm going to give her some of this *shakes fist*) then sleep...

Thursday- school...then stay after for yearbook, then work, home at 9pm do homework and get all excited for friday the 13th...maybe i'll do a voodoo dance...just kidding...

Friday- school, work until 8pm, then i am going to go out i dont care if it's just me, i'll even go with Ben from work...heh...whatever...i actually get off early enough to go do i will be partaking in some teenage like activity, then i will devote my weekend to homework and the endless search for college info for ap english....i'm beginning to form a small amount of hatred to ap classes...seems to me they are a big waste of time...oh well..

hmms...i would love to rant some more, but i have half of my spanish hw left...and boy is that just oodles of fun
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