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i'm so tan that i can't wear make up...why? because i'm too stingy to go buy new stuff for the summer...f-that...people can close their eyes when talking to me if they want...i like the way i feel without makeup better anyways...people get to see my real face...oi

my shoulders are peeling...and i haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks...i feel gross

i got some super cool tupperware from Ikea...which reminds me the new az location is opening soon, hurray for swedish chep furniture! yay

i'm selling my bedroom furniture to help fund my new plans...i have to buy a new bed...

tomorrow is the 4th of july and i'm home alone...sounds like i'm gonna go drive somewhere and watch some random fireworks on top of the trooper again...exciting...

i work 8 hours but get time and a half

i need to call mr. riggs and ask him why the frog he didnt let me use the computer over the summer to design spreads...

i'm frustrated and am out of chex mix...

...have i mentioned this summer is great?
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