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*leave az at 4:30am...glad to leave
*Cali...get car go to hotel...blah, but nice weather
*Friday, sea world all got baked...not that bad of a a cool lunch box looking shamu case with my kids meal, right on...
*Cody decided to intrude since he leaves on the 10th...yay...beach at cornado (on saturday) laurel came to spend the day with me hat was neat o, was gonna go to a bonfire with her but my mom spazzed on me...not fun...
* sunday...saw the midway for the second time...was cooler in florida when my uncle was actually on the ship, it had all the planes on it...went to the gas lamp district in down town san diego..went to an irish pub for lunch which was sooo good...mmm...
* monday, cornado in the morning and then out to a really good dinner with laurel and mrs. was very sea food i've had in a while then we saw the notebook
omg...i've never seen such a badly acted movie that was better than the book that made me cry so much...dude the theater was just one big blubbery mess...go see it...its so sad...
* tuesday was ash's b-day, we went to the beach and out to dessert...
* wednesday went out to breakfast, my mom and i faught...went to the beach walked 5 miles happy b-day
* thursday (today) went to balboa park and flew home...i hate az
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