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fuck me

this has got to be the crappiest weekend ever...scratch that, this month has sucked...and it's only the 2nd!

got up at 5:30am and took a shower...which wasnt too bad...wentto work to ive ashley her un finxed shirt for work, got bitched at because heaven forbid i didnt have time to re stich and resize her shirtthat she only has to wear on saturday...biatch...sat outside for a bit and had a tall coffee...worked from 7:30-2:45...david (district manager came by for a surprise meeting with my manager) so my manager was freaking out and beign an wasnt pleasant, and working with shelby is never pleasant...
so i got off work around 2:45p, went home, grabbed some food, changed and went to the mal store to start working on making cambros full of passion tea lemonade to take to the cinco de mayo festival that i was helping out with...did that and left the store with my mom around there and did sampling until about 9p then went back to my moms store with her and of course i couldnt stop and sit down, i had to start working again...let ben go home early so i got stuck with doing dishes *yippee*...
left at 12:30 came home ate and crashed

holy fucking hell this day sucked!
got up at 6, got ready ate cleaned then went to work, it was a f-ing mess! the new assistant manager was the person running the shift and it was not good, i've been working with the company for only 8 months, and i was the person there the longest on that shift, the nex down had only been working for 4 months...omg i was so frustrated...i'm not a shift so i know very little about the business aspect and running shifts but my ass. manager kept asking me what to do! i almost shouted *i'm 16!* not like he'd listen...but he kept going against company policy and rule...ugh i almost quit today...and i can usually stick thourhg it all...thank bob ben was there...he got off at 12 though...he kept me sane...all in all...i ended up burning my hand with 190 degree water, dropping my till on the ground after tripping over my ass. managers shoes (why wasnt he wearing shoes? i dont know)slipping on water in the back room and falling on my ass because nobody knows how to wash dishes without throwing water on the ground for some reason...morons...and i almost got angry and yelled..yes i do get tht angry occaisionally...even though nobody sees that side often..dude if somebody doesnt fire shelby...i'm going to go insane...and...i've been working way too much lately...i mean i have pulled double shifts every weekend for the past 2 months...this weekend alone i worked 22 hours between 2 days and i worked 6 and a half on friday so thats 28.5hrs plus 8 hours babysitting so thats what about 36 hours...

i look disgusting from my lack of exercise and i am sick

i need a break's pointless to read, i just needed to doesnt seem so bad after reading it, i'm dramatic...whatever
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