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Belladona Lindsay

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i'm always so tired [01 May 2005|06:12pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i just can't get enough sleep lately..it sucks...i might have had 10 hours this whole week...so crazy...I did a lot of stuff this week, i completed my whole senior project in 2 days, stayed until 12am doing inventory at Ikea (that sucked ass), um worked a lot, found out about my ap testing tims. I am so not excited to take my ap tests, have spanish and stats on wednesday, so i'm going to be at school from 7:30am-4:30, thats f-ed up...hmms, there was a new guy at Starbucks, he's pretty cool, his accent is pretty damn hot though (he's from Oklahoma)...so sexy...um this week should prove to be quite busy, but i think i'm prepared for it, although i'm so not prepared for the ap tests...ugh, not cool...

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isn't this nifty [17 Apr 2005|10:13pm]
[ mood | blah ]

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1. Liberal
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10. Athletic
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I've been way to busy [12 Apr 2005|10:54pm]
[ mood | drained ]

so work s pretty much consuming my life at the moment...especially this week...well work and english

I was caught sleeping in Staffords this morning, and i'm kind of ticked off about it, i mean it was the last 2 minutes of class and i barely dozed off...she totally pitched a fit though...whatever, i've had barely any sleep this week.

last weekend was prom, i had an enjoyable experience, hopefully the pics turn out to be pretty snazzy, brad and i looked quite sharp.

my to do list-
Senior project
finish Brave New World
study for ap tests
stats project
try and get some sleep

i think i am officially done with school though...i just did my english paper like an hour before i had to turn it into turnitin.com...i'm so smart...

i'm not all that interesting...i'm in need of some excitement in life

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thank bob this week is over [10 Mar 2005|10:14pm]
[ mood | awake ]

ok so i can't sleep...i think i've had maybe 5 hours total so far this week...that's quite sad...i passed my math testy, did better than i thought that i'd do, yay...tomorrow is the last day of school before spring break, and i'm very excited...it's going to be a busy day- i have to go to school, finish the yearbook(which means about 4 hours of work *sigh*), spanish test that could determine whether or not i keep an A in the class, then i have to return a light to ikea, buy Skylar's b-day present, and then i get to work from 3-9 at starbucks...hmmms, sounds like fun heh...my posture is getting realy bad, like i always slouch and hunch over...icky...i made brownies this afternoon, mmm they were very tastey, and i ate a whole bunch, this whole look good for prom thing isn't working, haha i give up already...i am what i am...i figure it's time to embrace that

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it's monday [07 Mar 2005|01:37pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

i changed my icon...guess who that is...it's me! i think i was about 3 in that picture...i was chunky haha...

I couldn't sleep last night...i got in bed around 12:30 and just listened to a cd and played with my cat until 2am...then i just sort of tossed and turned until 4am then i gave up and just took a shower. i don't get it though, i'm so tired all the time, but i can't sleep when i need it the most.

-i have a test in stats tomorrow, i might do ok on it
-should i get a haircut? take like an inch or two off? or should i re dye it?
-i think it's time for my journal to get a makeover...is anybody willing to help me?
-i have to work today, which means i'm closing by myself..that sucks majorly, i always get stuck in the freezer and my hands turn purple...the only downside to working at starbucks...

*shrugs* i have a boring life

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sorry i've been so busy [03 Mar 2005|12:47pm]
[ mood | blah ]

ok so it's been a really long time since i've written anything...
Things that have changed:
- I work at IKEA in Smaland taking care of kids...it's quite fun
- I work at the Starbucks inside of Safeway, it's different but there are many opportunities for promotion and better long term benefits
- um i'm going to prom...that's exciting, i didn't think i would be asked this year, big confidence booster
- i'm going to ASU for college

thats just about verything...i think i'm only updating because Eddie made a comment about LJ in Stats, iand i figured i should have a go at using it again...we'll see what happens...maybe i'll have better luck.

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ready set...breathe [10 Aug 2004|09:56pm]
[ mood | calm ]

so this is the first and olny break i've had so far...

Monday- unexpected senior pics at 12:10, then i get a call from martina at work saying i have to cover her shift...so i drive home pick up my clothes, go babysit at 1:30, leave there at 6pm, get to work at 6:30pm and work until 10:15, get home try and do my calc homework (wtf i could barely even write down the problems...arg) read for ap gov, then bed at 1am...yay...

Tuesday- school stayed after to make the Ladder for the Yearbook, got through fall sports, picked up a computer...yay i have a new mac for a month or two...went to babysit at 1:30-6:15 then went to the gym from 6:45-7:45 then got gas and brought my sister dinner at her work, went home and got a phone call from Ikea...drove out to get my starter packet and found out i have to get a drug test tomorrow...yehaw...came home ate dinner and did my spanish homework

Wednesday Go get my drug test done way out by az mills, drive to ikea to drop it off then i get to go home eat lunch do some homework meet ash at the gym at 6:30, get home at 8ish dinner read for ap gov (if she gives one more stupid reading comp quiz i'm going to give her some of this *shakes fist*) then sleep...

Thursday- school...then stay after for yearbook, then work, home at 9pm do homework and get all excited for friday the 13th...maybe i'll do a voodoo dance...just kidding...

Friday- school, work until 8pm, then i am going to go out i dont care if it's just me, i'll even go with Ben from work...heh...whatever...i actually get off early enough to go do something...so i will be partaking in some teenage like activity, then i will devote my weekend to homework and the endless search for college info for ap english....i'm beginning to form a small amount of hatred to ap classes...seems to me they are a big waste of time...oh well..

hmms...i would love to rant some more, but i have half of my spanish hw left...and boy is that just oodles of fun

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and i've started another downward slope [07 Aug 2004|11:11pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

hmms...school is tougher than expected...work is fun and theraputic...somebody having an odd relationship with somebody which i used to have a lot of respect for, just makes me upset and my stomach turn...my mom and i are enduring a tough spot...my sister is happy she is on good terms with my mom...time is non existant... on friday i got off work at 7:30 and was planning on going out but instead i was suckered into going to get dinner for everyone still at work and after talking to ben for 30 min, i didnt get home until 10...boo...next weekend i have to go do somehting...for sanity's sake...

something is missing in my life and i cant figure out what it is

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it's almost the end of summer vacation [20 Jul 2004|11:07am]
[ mood | blank ]

i've been grounded for ...1 week now...i have about a month and 3 weeks to go...yay...i'm cool

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ranting [03 Jul 2004|09:43pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

i'm so tan that i can't wear make up...why? because i'm too stingy to go buy new stuff for the summer...f-that...people can close their eyes when talking to me if they want...i like the way i feel without makeup better anyways...people get to see my real face...oi

my shoulders are peeling...and i haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks...i feel gross

i got some super cool tupperware from Ikea...which reminds me the new az location is opening soon, hurray for swedish chep furniture! yay

i'm selling my bedroom furniture to help fund my new plans...i have to buy a new bed...

tomorrow is the 4th of july and i'm home alone...sounds like i'm gonna go drive somewhere and watch some random fireworks on top of the trooper again...exciting...

i work 8 hours but get time and a half

i need to call mr. riggs and ask him why the frog he didnt let me use the computer over the summer to design spreads...

i'm frustrated and am out of chex mix...

...have i mentioned this summer is great?

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vacation [01 Jul 2004|07:40pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

*leave az at 4:30am...glad to leave
*Cali...get car go to hotel...blah, but nice weather
*Friday, sea world all day...fun...i got baked...not that bad of a tan...got a cool lunch box looking shamu case with my kids meal, right on...
*Cody decided to intrude since he leaves on the 10th...yay...beach at cornado (on saturday) laurel came to spend the day with me hat was neat o, was gonna go to a bonfire with her but my mom spazzed on me...not fun...
* sunday...saw the midway for the second time...was cooler in florida when my uncle was actually on the ship, it had all the planes on it...went to the gas lamp district in down town san diego..went to an irish pub for lunch which was sooo good...mmm...
* monday, cornado in the morning and then out to a really good dinner with laurel and mrs. hoffman...it was very good...best sea food i've had in a while then we saw the notebook
omg...i've never seen such a badly acted movie that was better than the book that made me cry so much...dude the theater was just one big blubbery mess...go see it...its so sad...
* tuesday was ash's b-day, we went to the beach and out to dessert...
* wednesday went out to breakfast, my mom and i faught...went to the beach walked 5 miles happy b-day
* thursday (today) went to balboa park and flew home...i hate az

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I think it's the perfect time for change... [07 Jun 2004|03:13pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

i think i'm gonna disappear for a while...just work and try and find myself before i jump into life again...i guess i'll change, not have any pesky "jelly rolls" and i guess find my self confidency where ever it might have run off to...

see ya around

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it's been one of those days that just sort of ...is there [22 May 2004|04:05pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

i can't believe some of the things that have happened today...i'm so upset...i'm probably going to get a corrective action (basically a bad report)because shelby's pissed that i'mfriends with Corey....she basically yelled at me and called me a bitch and said i belittled her at work today and then made a big deal about it to kevin and karen (my assistant managers) so now i'm going to get introuble for something i didnt do..i mean wes asked me to explain why she's extremely mean to everybody unless kevin, karen or fred are around and i just said thats how she is..and he said she was a bitch...so i dpont know how she could be angry at me for reasons surrounding work...fuck...i hate her...shes a bitych to me, but if i'm not nice and dont cater to her every whim, shes going to be a bitch to me and get me fired...wtf....

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lazy [20 May 2004|10:18pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

webt to school, didnt have to present in spanish...she always does that to me, postpones my presentation...biatch...chem= boring lab, lunch was boring...sarah made me eat a whole cookie *shakes fist*...had a test in history... i missed 4 so that means i might have eeked an a...we'll see...
After school i came home and crashed, got up when my sister came home at 3, ate a brownie cuz it looked yummy...then fell asleep and woke up at 8 because my sister was forcing me to tlak to somebody on the phone, it didnt click until i had talkd for 5 min that it was the stalker dude, apparently he was calling every hour while i was sleeping...i was really out, i was so exhausted...i did no homework this evening...i'm a slacker...

i have to make up my dance final this weekend...yippee...i'm glad i'm not taking that class next year...i have half days *woot*

i can't wait to go to cali for my b-day...1 month away...well a month and 10 days...

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the stalker...new info...disturbing [15 May 2004|09:50am]
[ mood | nervous ]

so now there more to it...yesterday he was at my moms store from 2-3pm waiting for me because i hinted that i'd be dropping my mom off at work...so he goes inside and my mom talks to him for a while, then fgures out who he is, then she gets annoyed cuz he wont stop talking he is just blabbering away and then she says shes my mom and that i would not be there because i had to babysit etc, and he wouldnt leave...he kept talking about how he's not going to go to the army this summer and that he was going to spend the whole thing with me and then he was gonna go to college with me, and my mom got really creeped out so she told him t o stay away from me and to never call again...cuz he was very creepy...then he got a drink and left, and at 8pm he called my home...and my mom answered sinc ei was babysitting, and he was wanting to speak to me and my mom was like, she doesnt want to talk to you i asked you not to call etc and he said he'd call back tomorrow evening and huing up...he's a nut...a scary nut atr that...and he knows my work schedule too now because of his sister...and he's going t be there tonight, so now i'm not going to take aby breaks or anything because he'll sit there for my entire shift...my little 3-8 is going to be a 3-close so i can avoid him...it's really odd and scary

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help [13 May 2004|11:06pm]
[ mood | angry ]

i have this guy thats attached to me and he wont leave me alone!

it all began with this girl i work wiht trying ot get me ot go out more, so she decided to try and set me up with her brother...not cool
so i agree to sit and chat with him for a while a work, and i'm so not interested in the kid...and she gave him my # and he wont stop calling...like he calls all the time even when i'm at school...and he stops by work every time i am working and he calls work to see if i'm there...and i've tried to let him down but he is so ignorant he wont listen or understand..i dont know what to do...and tomorrow he has decided we're going to go to the movies, but i dont want to go, and i told him i have to babysit at 6:30p and i already had plans, which is 100% true but he wont let me go, he says hed meet me where i was meeting my firned,a nd he'll find out where i am...so now hes going to be where i am...

sorry i'm ranting because i'm upste and angry and this guy is eally creeping me out...

help me...please...what do i do? i dont want to lie and i dont want to intentionally hur tthe kid by just sayign "fuck off"...

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i'm a loser [08 May 2004|10:18pm]
[ mood | blank ]

it's saturday night...

...and i'm sitting here alone, at home

rock on *grabs tissue*

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wow [05 May 2004|09:24pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i so messed up tonight...too bad i learned the end to a dance 10 seconds before i went on stage...hahaha i missed a count...whatever...

that was interesting...dance show = better than last year...but still not good...

the end

p.s. if you thouhgt my knee looked bad this morning...it looks far worse now...really

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fuck me [02 May 2004|09:07pm]
[ mood | angry ]

this has got to be the crappiest weekend ever...scratch that, this month has sucked...and it's only the 2nd!

got up at 5:30am and took a shower...which wasnt too bad...wentto work to ive ashley her un finxed shirt for work, got bitched at because heaven forbid i didnt have time to re stich and resize her shirtthat she only has to wear on saturday...biatch...sat outside for a bit and had a tall coffee...worked from 7:30-2:45...david (district manager came by for a surprise meeting with my manager) so my manager was freaking out and beign an ass...it wasnt pleasant, and working with shelby is never pleasant...
so i got off work around 2:45p, went home, grabbed some food, changed and went to the mal store to start working on making cambros full of passion tea lemonade to take to the cinco de mayo festival that i was helping out with...did that and left the store with my mom around 5p...got there and did sampling until about 9p then went back to my moms store with her and of course i couldnt stop and sit down, i had to start working again...let ben go home early so i got stuck with doing dishes *yippee*...
left at 12:30 came home ate and crashed

holy fucking hell this day sucked!
got up at 6, got ready ate cleaned then went to work, it was a f-ing mess! the new assistant manager was the person running the shift and it was not good, i've been working with the company for only 8 months, and i was the person there the longest on that shift, the nex down had only been working for 4 months...omg i was so frustrated...i'm not a shift so i know very little about the business aspect and running shifts but my ass. manager kept asking me what to do! i almost shouted *i'm 16!* not like he'd listen...but he kept going against company policy and rule...ugh i almost quit today...and i can usually stick thourhg it all...thank bob ben was there...he got off at 12 though...he kept me sane...all in all...i ended up burning my hand with 190 degree water, dropping my till on the ground after tripping over my ass. managers shoes (why wasnt he wearing shoes? i dont know)slipping on water in the back room and falling on my ass because nobody knows how to wash dishes without throwing water on the ground for some reason...morons...and i almost got angry and yelled..yes i do get tht angry occaisionally...even though nobody sees that side often..dude if somebody doesnt fire shelby...i'm going to go insane...and...i've been working way too much lately...i mean i have pulled double shifts every weekend for the past 2 months...this weekend alone i worked 22 hours between 2 days and i worked 6 and a half on friday so thats 28.5hrs plus 8 hours babysitting so thats what about 36 hours...

i look disgusting from my lack of exercise and i am sick

i need a break

sorry...it's pointless to read, i just needed to ramble...it doesnt seem so bad after reading it, i'm dramatic...whatever

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oh dear sweet bob [26 Apr 2004|10:30pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

i have a lot to do...once again i have turned into the human doormat, burning everybody's history projects for them, and taking all these extra shifts at work...i am pulling a double shift on saturday...this should be fun...and ap testing is coming up...just kill me now...

what color are my eyes?

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