Belladona Lindsay (naitomausu) wrote,
Belladona Lindsay

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i'm always so tired

i just can't get enough sleep sucks...i might have had 10 hours this whole crazy...I did a lot of stuff this week, i completed my whole senior project in 2 days, stayed until 12am doing inventory at Ikea (that sucked ass), um worked a lot, found out about my ap testing tims. I am so not excited to take my ap tests, have spanish and stats on wednesday, so i'm going to be at school from 7:30am-4:30, thats f-ed up...hmms, there was a new guy at Starbucks, he's pretty cool, his accent is pretty damn hot though (he's from Oklahoma) this week should prove to be quite busy, but i think i'm prepared for it, although i'm so not prepared for the ap tests...ugh, not cool...
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