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I've been way to busy

so work s pretty much consuming my life at the moment...especially this week...well work and english

I was caught sleeping in Staffords this morning, and i'm kind of ticked off about it, i mean it was the last 2 minutes of class and i barely dozed off...she totally pitched a fit though...whatever, i've had barely any sleep this week.

last weekend was prom, i had an enjoyable experience, hopefully the pics turn out to be pretty snazzy, brad and i looked quite sharp.

my to do list-
Senior project
finish Brave New World
study for ap tests
stats project
try and get some sleep

i think i am officially done with school though...i just did my english paper like an hour before i had to turn it into'm so smart...

i'm not all that interesting...i'm in need of some excitement in life
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