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thank bob this week is over

ok so i can't sleep...i think i've had maybe 5 hours total so far this week...that's quite sad...i passed my math testy, did better than i thought that i'd do, yay...tomorrow is the last day of school before spring break, and i'm very's going to be a busy day- i have to go to school, finish the yearbook(which means about 4 hours of work *sigh*), spanish test that could determine whether or not i keep an A in the class, then i have to return a light to ikea, buy Skylar's b-day present, and then i get to work from 3-9 at starbucks...hmmms, sounds like fun posture is getting realy bad, like i always slouch and hunch over...icky...i made brownies this afternoon, mmm they were very tastey, and i ate a whole bunch, this whole look good for prom thing isn't working, haha i give up already...i am what i am...i figure it's time to embrace that
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