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it's monday

i changed my icon...guess who that's me! i think i was about 3 in that picture...i was chunky haha...

I couldn't sleep last night...i got in bed around 12:30 and just listened to a cd and played with my cat until 2am...then i just sort of tossed and turned until 4am then i gave up and just took a shower. i don't get it though, i'm so tired all the time, but i can't sleep when i need it the most.

-i have a test in stats tomorrow, i might do ok on it
-should i get a haircut? take like an inch or two off? or should i re dye it?
-i think it's time for my journal to get a anybody willing to help me?
-i have to work today, which means i'm closing by myself..that sucks majorly, i always get stuck in the freezer and my hands turn purple...the only downside to working at starbucks...

*shrugs* i have a boring life
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