Belladona Lindsay (naitomausu) wrote,
Belladona Lindsay

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it's been one of those days that just sort of there

i can't believe some of the things that have happened today...i'm so upset...i'm probably going to get a corrective action (basically a bad report)because shelby's pissed that i'mfriends with Corey....she basically yelled at me and called me a bitch and said i belittled her at work today and then made a big deal about it to kevin and karen (my assistant managers) so now i'm going to get introuble for something i didnt do..i mean wes asked me to explain why she's extremely mean to everybody unless kevin, karen or fred are around and i just said thats how she is..and he said she was a i dpont know how she could be angry at me for reasons surrounding work...fuck...i hate her...shes a bitych to me, but if i'm not nice and dont cater to her every whim, shes going to be a bitch to me and get me
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