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webt to school, didnt have to present in spanish...she always does that to me, postpones my presentation...biatch...chem= boring lab, lunch was boring...sarah made me eat a whole cookie *shakes fist*...had a test in history... i missed 4 so that means i might have eeked an a...we'll see...
After school i came home and crashed, got up when my sister came home at 3, ate a brownie cuz it looked yummy...then fell asleep and woke up at 8 because my sister was forcing me to tlak to somebody on the phone, it didnt click until i had talkd for 5 min that it was the stalker dude, apparently he was calling every hour while i was sleeping...i was really out, i was so exhausted...i did no homework this evening...i'm a slacker...

i have to make up my dance final this weekend...yippee...i'm glad i'm not taking that class next year...i have half days *woot*

i can't wait to go to cali for my b-day...1 month away...well a month and 10 days...
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