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the info...disturbing

so now there more to it...yesterday he was at my moms store from 2-3pm waiting for me because i hinted that i'd be dropping my mom off at he goes inside and my mom talks to him for a while, then fgures out who he is, then she gets annoyed cuz he wont stop talking he is just blabbering away and then she says shes my mom and that i would not be there because i had to babysit etc, and he wouldnt leave...he kept talking about how he's not going to go to the army this summer and that he was going to spend the whole thing with me and then he was gonna go to college with me, and my mom got really creeped out so she told him t o stay away from me and to never call again...cuz he was very creepy...then he got a drink and left, and at 8pm he called my home...and my mom answered sinc ei was babysitting, and he was wanting to speak to me and my mom was like, she doesnt want to talk to you i asked you not to call etc and he said he'd call back tomorrow evening and huing up...he's a nut...a scary nut atr that...and he knows my work schedule too now because of his sister...and he's going t be there tonight, so now i'm not going to take aby breaks or anything because he'll sit there for my entire little 3-8 is going to be a 3-close so i can avoid's really odd and scary
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