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i have this guy thats attached to me and he wont leave me alone!

it all began with this girl i work wiht trying ot get me ot go out more, so she decided to try and set me up with her brother...not cool
so i agree to sit and chat with him for a while a work, and i'm so not interested in the kid...and she gave him my # and he wont stop he calls all the time even when i'm at school...and he stops by work every time i am working and he calls work to see if i'm there...and i've tried to let him down but he is so ignorant he wont listen or understand..i dont know what to do...and tomorrow he has decided we're going to go to the movies, but i dont want to go, and i told him i have to babysit at 6:30p and i already had plans, which is 100% true but he wont let me go, he says hed meet me where i was meeting my firned,a nd he'll find out where i now hes going to be where i am...

sorry i'm ranting because i'm upste and angry and this guy is eally creeping me out...

help me...please...what do i do? i dont want to lie and i dont want to intentionally hur tthe kid by just sayign "fuck off"...
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